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  1. Oi Lauren,

    Thank you for the fresh inspiration! Your methodical and passionate bass teachings and playing is refreshing. You could definitely play in the direction of Rinat Ibragimov and Bottesini.
    I’m your admirer and an aspiring bassist whom just signed up as a member. looking forward to a weekly video, repertoire and other resources. Most of all I look for your continued success as a double bassist and dynamic, humble, very talented lady.

    A password came through for me but how to I go about entering a username?

    Michael (West) Wesolowski

    ps: I might have accidentally paid twice within one minute if that could be corrected please

    • Hi Michael,

      What a sweet message! I’m so grateful to have you as a supporter and member. I adore Rinat Ibragimov and Bottesini – that is quite the compliment!!

      It doesn’t look like you paid twice. Are you still unable to enter a username? If you’re having trouble signing in I want to get it resolved ASAP.

      Glad to have you as a new member!


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